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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"The Gospel Centered Pastor and His Life"

1 Timothy 4:16 "Keep a close watch on yourself and on the teaching. Persist in this, for by doing so you will save both yourself and your hearers."

    (Pictured is Dr. Barry Carpenter and pastors of Bible Expsitors Seminary at last years Pastor's Conference. The pastors are shown holding their tablets which PHBC and others contributed to receive lectures and books to read on them.)  
    Less than two weeks I will be boarding the plane to Caygan De Oro, Philippines with Barry and Ty Carpenter. My assignment for this trip is teaching Pastoral Ministry in a Pastor's Conference in connection with Bible Expositors Seminary. Although, I think "who is sufficient for such things?" I am reminded of my professor of Pastoral Ministry, Dr. John Killian  at (New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary), who reminded us pastors that "the servant or minister of the gospel needs to be found faithful." Thus, my reason for accepting such a tall task for teaching other men, I simply want to be found faithful to the gospel of Jesus Christ.
     As the weeks narrow down to days, I am by God's grace writing and putting together lectures that I will have the privilege of giving these brothers in a 3 day Pastor's Conference. Dr. Andy Weisner of New Life Baptist Church in Harvest, AL will be teaching in the conference as well. He will be teaching these men in the area of Biblical Counseling. The pastors who attend this conference are already receiving instruction via Bible Expositors Seminary (long distance education), but this will be a way to give them face to face instruction. This will also allow them to interact with the us and to ask much needed questions concerning the ministry.
     Although, Dr. Weisner and I will be there only for a couple of weeks, Barry and his son Ty has been led of the Lord to move there permanently (at least for two years). God has given Barry an open door of opportunity to minister and help these pastors in the Philippines with solid doctrine and to help then learn how this doctrine works itself out practically. As we know our theology is what drives our methodology in our everyday life pastors and the local church. Barry will stay there to help these pastors continue their education and to disciple them in evangelism, prayer, discipleship, and other spiritual disciplines. When I think of what is going to take place there for the next couple of years, I think of Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch in Acts 8:30-31, as the eunuch was reading the prophet Isaiah, Philip comes up upon him and asks, "Do you understand what you are reading? And he said, "how can I, unless someone guides me?" And he invited Philip in the chariot to sit with him." This is exactly what Barry will be doing, helping these men to better understand their calling as pastors and to strengthen the local churches where they serve. God has given Barry a desire to go and help these brothers learn more of the glories of Christ, therefore selling all that he owns to go these men.
You can read more of his calling to the Philippines here:

     In saying all of that, I wanted to share with you the outline of my lectures I will give to the pastors in the Philippines on "The Gospel Centered Pastor And His Life."

The Gospel Centered Pastor and His Life

The Gospel-Centered Pastor
#1: The Pastor Who Knows and Understands the Gospel of Jesus Christ
#2: The Pastor Who Preaches the Gospel
#3: The Pastor Who Leads Out of Gospel Conviction
#4: The Pastor Who Suffers for the Sake of the Gospel

The Gospel-Centered Priorities of the Pastor:
#5: The Pastor and the Word of God 
#6: The Pastor and His Prayer Life
#7: The Pastor’s Heart in Shepherding Those Who Rebel
#8: The Pastor Who Is Found Faithful

I will close with asking you to pray. First, pray for God to be glorified in all that takes place in the Philippines. Second, please pray God would give me what I need in the next few weeks to finish these lectures and that they would be edifying to these pastors. Third, pray for my wife and 3 children as I will be gone from them across the world for over two weeks. Pray for their safety and well-being, asking God to protect them while I am gone. Fourth, pray for the flock at Pleasant Hill where I serve as pastor. Pray for the brethren who will lead, protect, and feed the sheep while I am away.
I thank you in advance for your prayers and support. 

If you feel lead to support Bro. Barry Carpenter as a missionary to the Philippines please send your support to: 
Pleasant Hill Baptist Church
3049 Pleasant Hill Church Rd.
Orlinda, TN 37148 
(PHBC will given financial oversight and accountability)

Monday, May 6, 2013

Reflections From Our Spring Outreach with Don Currin


 Psalm 127:1 Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain..."                 

      This past weekend Pleasant Hill Baptist church held our Spring Outreach for 2013. This is a special emphasis in evangelism and out reach to our community with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Just to let folks know PHBC is alive and is about the Father's business  We do this by going door to door several weeks in advance sharing Christ with others, giving out tracts, and passing flyers for our upcoming meetings. I know what you are thinking you should do this everyday, I agree, and I try to share with our people our evangelism should be done "as you go." But, we place a heavy emphasis on getting out in our community to do evangelism during these meetings and at other times of the year as well.                 

      This year we were blessed to have Don and Cindy Currin of Don Currin Ministries come and minister God's Word. Don preached on Friday, Saturday evening, and Sunday morning twice. Cindy spoke to the women at their annual Women's Conference. Although we had enough rain to float a boat, I believe God was honored this weekend by the ministry of His Word and by the peoples desire to come and hear God's Word.

 I just want to share a few of my thoughts, as I reflected over the weekend of meetings.
Don's messages (click the title to listen to sermons):

1. "Love or Die"  Don preached this message the very first night, reminding PHBC our need to love others in Christ. PHBC should not be inward focused, but rather reaching out to our community with the gospel of Christ. Such a timely message, as me and some of our men has been praying for God to lead us to be more effective in our outreach ministry at PHBC. One other thought, I share with out congregation often, "we might not be the largest church, have the most money, but we can be the most lovingest (if that is a word) church, for God's glory!

2. "Cultivating a Conscience Dependence Upon the Holy Spirit" Simply one of the most profound sermons I have ever heard preached upon the Holy Spirit. We live in a time and day, especially in Baptist circles where we are afraid of speaking of God the Holy Spirit. We fall victim often to relying more on the flesh than the Spirit. I was reminded the Holy Spirit is sovereign and does whatsoever He chooses to do whenever He chooses to do it. I must submit to Him and pray diligently for Him to move and to help or I am sunk. As Spurgeon said, "I believe in the Holy Spirit."

3. "A Heritage of Holiness" This message was preached during our Sunday school hour. A message which confronted men to step up and be godly leaders of their families. A very convicting message concerning fathers. Through this message God convicted me in many areas of my life in the rearing of my boys. God was gracious in allowing me to talk with my family and repent in some of past sin in leading them as their father and husband. I was so grateful to hear this message and thankful to God for the convicting power of the Holy Spirit. Such a joy to be shown your sin and the privilege to repent of them.

4. "A Bruise Reed" This was the final message of our time together with Brother Don. The message was  one filled with the gospel of Christ. We were introduced to the "true bruised reed" who could identify with other bruised reeds in their sufferings. This sermon was filled with the gospel of Christ, hope for the hopeless, and help for the helpless! I am thankful that there is still hope for those who can not help themselves. The gospel of Christ brings a person to see their utter need for someone who can relate to their suffering and trials and that person is Jesus Christ.
This was such an encouraging message reminding me of my need for Christ everyday. It is a blessing knowing that He knows exactly where I am at in my struggles and trials. For He is the "true bruised reed."

     Cindy Currin (Don's wife) spoke to our women at PHBC Women's Conference. She exhorted the women both young and old from Titus 2 on "Portrait of a Godly Woman." A very timely message concerning older women teaching younger women. Teaching them to dress modest, to love their own husbands, to be keepers of the home. So thankful for Cindy's ministry to the women at PHBC. We were also blessed with one of Don and Cindy's daughter Hannah, as she made the trip with her parents from Alabama for the weekend.

A Word of thanks and gratitude:
     There was alot of prayer, time, and labor put into this past weekend. As the pastor of PHBC I would like to say thank you to all who participated. From the home prayer meetings every night of the week, to taking the garbage off after our meals. I am grateful for the people of PHBC for investing their resources and committing themselves to these meetings. I believe by God's grace this weekend will have an impact on souls for eternity, for God's glory in our community, and to the ends of the earth, via internet!
    Therefore, as the apostle Paul reminded the church at Corinth: Therefore, my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vain (1 Co.15:58).