Pastor Chad's Itinarary

Sunday, August 19, 2018

"The Time Is Now"

      You may or may not know it, but myself and Pleasant Hill Baptist church have been ministry partners of EIM (Expositors International Ministries) and BES (Bible Expositors Seminary) based in Cagayan De Oro, Philippines for the last several years. The ministry exists to give pastors a Bible-based, Christ-saturated, and God-Glorifying theological education. I have had the privilege of going and teaching some of the pastors, as well as preaching in their churches on 3 different occasions. For some time now, I have tried to suppress the burden of being more involved in the ministry, as it continues to grow. I am now acting upon this desire by making this known to my church, my elders, and now to each of you.

     Recently, I preached in a Bible conference where one of the lay elders of the church preached a simple message from Matthew 5:19-24. This brother never attended a Bible college or seminary. He is a logger by trade. It was then that God’s Word convicted me, as I was faced with the reality of living for myself, my comforts, and my desires rather than "letting good and kindreds go." With that said, there is an open door of opportunity for me to be more active in the teaching and training of the pastors there. And now, I sense the Lord's will for me is to walk through that door.

      Hence, I will continue to make disciples here in Orlinda, TN by shepherding the flock at PHBC. At the same time, I will help serve EIM in a part-time capacity. I will do this by helping administrate and facilitate for EIM here in the U.S. I will also be investing in the lives of the pastors by making at least one or two trips a year to teach, while organizing trips for U.S. pastors and laymen who desire to help train pastors. My next scheduled trip is January 2019 for 12-14 days.

     In conclusion, I ask for two things: First, will you pray for me? Pray God will first and foremost be glorified in this endeavor and I will be obedient to Him. Second, would you prayerfully consider becoming a financial ministry partner? I am trusting the Lord to provide $2,000 a month in order to step away from my part-time employment and focus on the work for EIM. If you have any godly counsel, wisdom, questions or would like for me to share with your church concerning this ministry, please feel free to message me or e-mail me at

You may also submit your one-time or monthly donation to:Pleasant Hill Baptist Church3049 Pleasant Hill Church RoadOrlnda, TN 37141

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