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Saturday, December 31, 2016

2017 Reading Challenge List


     I have spent some time this week meditating and setting a few goals for 2017. And one of my goals for 2017 is to do some extra reading outside of my sermon preparation and seminary work. With that said, let me share my reading list for 2017. It will be a challenge but as one person said, "If your goals don't scare you, they are not big enough."
The Light Reader
A biography: "Decision Points" by Geroge W. Bush. 494 pages (Audible)
A classic novel: "Walden" by Henry David Thoreau. 197 pages (Audible or Hardcover)
A book about history: "Pearl Harbor" by Craig Nelson. 499 pages. (Hardcover)
A book targeted at your gender: "Masculine Mandate" by Richard Phillips. 217 pages. (Hardcover)
A book about theology: "Covenant Theology: A Reformed and Baptistic Perspective on God's Covenants" by Greg Nichols. 365 pages. (Hardcover)
A book with at least 400 pages: "Living by Revealed Truth: The Life and Pastoral Theology of Charles Spurgeon" by Tom Nettles. 700 pages. (Hardcover)
A book your pastor recommends: "Knowing God" by J.I Packer. 286 pages. (Hardcover)
A book about Christian living: "A Quest For Godliness" by J.I. Packer. 367 pages. (Hardcover)
A book more than 100 years old: "Pilgrims Progress" by John Bunyan. 264 pages. (Hardcover)
A book published in 2017: "Reformation 500: How the Greatest Revival Since Pentecost Continues to Shape the World" by Ray Van Neste and Michael Garrett. 288 pages. (Hardcover)
A book for children or teens: "Shepherding a Childs Heart" by Ted Tripp. 215 pages. (Hardcover)
A book of your choice: "Born To Run" by Christopher McDougal. 304 pages. (Hardcover)
A book about a current issue: "The Gospel and Racial Reconciliation" by Russell Moore and Andrew Walker. 128 pages. (Audible)
**Disclaimer: I will be reading my Bible on a daily basis using the 5 Day Bible Reading Schedule. The past few years I have been reading the Bible chronologically and I've decided its time for a change.
Here is the pdf of the plan:…
So, what do you think? What do you plan on reading in 2017? 

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

"Cross Major Doctrinal Differences Between Islam and Christianity"

     For the next several weeks I will be undertaking a research and writing project for my History and Religion of Islam class at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. I have chosen the topic of doctrinal differences between Islam and Christianity. I find this topic very interesting, as it relates to what Muslims truly believe and how to engage them with the gospel. 

    However, it is not that simple. The Islamic faith is very complex and can be confusing. This is the reason why I will seek out to understand the major doctrinal differences between the Islamic and Christian faith. I would appreciate your prayers as I continue to learn more on this subject.

Here are my outline and bibliography toward the research and writing.

Cross Major Doctrinal Differences Between Islam and Christianity

Outline for Research Paper:

            The Doctrine of Scripture 
                      (Qur'an versus Bible)

            The Doctrine of the Trinity 
                     (Unitarianism versus Trinitarianism) 

            The Doctrine of Soteriology 
                     (Salvation by Works versus Salvation by Grace)

            The Doctrine of Eschatology 
                     (Paradise versus Heaven)


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Friday, December 23, 2016

Merry Christmas!

Luke 2:11 "For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord."

Merry Christmas from the Becks

Saturday, December 3, 2016

"The Most Wonderful Time of the Year"

“The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”

The holiday hustle and bustle can be a bit overwhelming this time of the year. It all begins with the preparation for Thanksgiving, which leads right into Christmas. Families are trying to orchestrate the “who, what, when, and where” of their upcoming gatherings. There are many details to cover, such as the menu, grocery shopping, sleeping arrangements of guests, holiday travel routes—and finding the perfect gifts to purchase. All of this can lead a person to be overwhelmed with stress and strain to perform at their best. This is the reason Christians must have and live out a biblical worldview every day of our lives.

Christians can overcome the pressures of the holiday season by focusing on Christ and His work on their behalf. The reason many believers become stressed is because they fail to focus on the "why" of this time of the year. When we ask ourselves why we celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas, it will help us to handle the stress of this time of year. When Christians remember that Thanksgiving is a time to reflect and give thanks to God for both our spiritual and material blessings in the Lord, it calms nerves. For the believer, Christmas is when we reflect on the truth that God, the eternal Son, robed Himself in flesh, was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, and gave Himself up as a substitute to redeem His people. Focusing on these truths removes ourselves from the picture and places Christ properly in view.

Christians should meditate on truth, such as Matthew 1:21, which says, "She [Mary] will bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins." This reminds us of the true Reason for the season; Christmas is not a time of year that we focus on others or ourselves, for it should be focusing and worshipping Christ. Why? Think about it—if it were not for Christ, there would be nothing to be "thankful" for, nor any reason to celebrate "Christmas."  When we meditate on the real Reason for the season—that Christ came to redeem us, free us, and, one day, save us—it leads believers to truly worship Him.

This time of the year is not about just giving and receiving or the hustle and bustle of fighting the crowds while searching for the perfect gift. It is about the worship of King Jesus. Yes, it is a time where we are thankful for all of our blessings and a time where we remember the birth of Christ, but mainly, it is the time where the truth of the eternal Son Who took on flesh and died as a substitute and arose on the third day should bring us to worship Him.

Therefore, when you feel the pressure, stress, and strain of the holiday season starting to hit you, I encourage you to slow down and meditate on what Christ has done for you. And may the meditation of Christ lead you to worship Him in Spirit and truth, because this is the most wonderful time of the year.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

"Pondered Treasures & Piercing Sword"

In this my 24th year of being a daughter of the King, I still get so stunned at God’s ways and His Word…at how they can fall together in a single moment to form something I will forever keep. A treasure.
I was contacted earlier in the week to find a photograph for a certain occasion.
I have five matters in my life completely unrelated that are weighing heavily on my heart.
This morning I have a strong urge to sing “Blessings.”
I remember I need to find that photograph.
(How on earth is this all connected?)
So after pulling up the song on my heart from my desktop and singing about blessings coming through raindrops and healing coming through tears, I go to the photograph albums. Of course, this triggers lots of reminiscing. I come across a picture of Christmas from 1994 and there I am - a babe in Christ, proudly wearing my beautiful rhinestone pin with “Jesus” written in cursive on my Christmas sweater. Life seemed much lighter then. I remember how glad I was to wear His name in the presence of my family. I pondered these memory treasures and realized that back then, I had no idea piercing swords were coming. Then I saw pictures which reminded me of painful times where relationships were different because of my relationship to Jesus. By now, I was familiar with some swords.
As I thought about these memories, there was pain. There was joy. And God, in His amazing goodness, suddenly brought to mind two truths He reveals to us through the one who carried the Gospel as close to her heart as anyone could.
The first is found in Luke 2:19 and tells us that as the world around her encircled her newborn Son, Mary pondered up all these things in her heart and treasured them. She witnessed many unusual events. A Star. Visiting Magi. Prophets and prophetesses suddenly approaching her newborn baby in glee. And this was just the beginning. The second is found in Luke 2:34-35 and tells us that Simeon prophesied that a sword would pierce Mary’s own soul. We can easily see this in Herod’s hunt for her baby. This also was just the beginning.
Mary experienced both pondered treasure and piercing sword. I remember the first time I read about her heart being pierced with a sword. Somehow I felt her hurt. It seemed so unfair and bittersweet. But, isn’t this a shadow of every Christian?
Being connected to Jesus brings wonderful relationships and wonderful revelations available only to His own. The thrill of participating in His family, understanding and learning new things …these are just the beginning. These are joy unspeakable and full of glory. Some pondered treasures. But also, being connected to Jesus brings about hard changes in relationships and hard revelations. We walk differently because we are new creatures, and not everyone likes that. Our new heart sees evil in a whole new light. This is also just the beginning. Some piercing swords.
Yet, these are to be our lot in life here on planet earth. Our pondered treasures and piercing swords are not single incidents or phases in life but encompasses our entire journey with God. Both are normal parts of our Christian life.
“Blessings” is still playing over and over on this computer as I type.
“What if Your blessings come through raindrops? What if your healing comes through tears? What if a thousand sleepless nights is what it takes to know You’re near. What if the trials of life are your mercies in disguise? When friends betrays us, and darkness seems to win, The pain reminds this heart this is not our home. What if my greatest disappointment or the aching of this life Is the revealing of a greater thirst this world can’t satisfy?”
I can imagine Mary singing this song.
My, how His Word and His Ways work to speak to us about Him in a single moment. Yes, there are present swords piercing my heart (as I am sure there are yours too) ~ but I just experienced a treasure that I will forever ponder.
Thank You, my Father. My Jesus.

Blog post was contributed by a dear friend who desired to remain anonymous.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

"A Halted Work"

Mark 6:5-6 “And He [Jesus] could do no mighty work there, except that He laid his hands on a few sick people and healed them. And He marveled because of their unbelief."

     I read these verses (actually the entire chapter) this morning during my quiet time with the Lord. I thought, here was Jesus Christ Himself among the religious folks of the day, and His work was interrupted due to their unbelief. Actually, the text says, “He could do no mighty work there…” The reality is that Jesus Christ is God in the flesh, and He can do whatever, whenever, however He wants to do it. Yet, Jesus chose not to do anything among them due to their lack of faith or unbelief in Him.

     The text caused me to consider my own life and faith. The Apostle Paul reminds the Roman believer, “For whatever does not precede from faith is sin” (Romans 14:23b). Therefore, a life lived not in faith of God through Christ is sin. My thoughts, actions, and words not offered in faith is sin against God. This causes me to ask—am I hindering the work of Christ in my personal, family, and church life due to my unbelief? The faith, which believes God to be who He says He is and to do what He says He will do. The faith that was granted to me at the moment of salvation to believe upon the name of Jesus Christ as the Son of God who came to live a perfect life, die a substitutionary death, and be raised on the third day for my eternal salvation. Is my faith in a preacher? Is my faith in a denomination? Is my faith in a friend? Is my faith in my children or grandchildren? Absolutely not! As believers, our faith is not in anything or anyone other than the Lord Jesus Christ and Him alone. 

     I am of the opinion that God does not need anyone or anything. However, God uses means to bring about His end. His end is simply that His glory would be made known throughout the world. How does He accomplish this end? God redeems sinners through the preaching of His gospel and the working of the Holy Spirit to bring sinners to Himself. And once God grants repentance and faith to sinners, they continue to live a life of repentance and faith. As a matter of fact, repentance and faith will increase as their walk with God deepens. This is what it means to be “saved.” Salvation is not a “one and done” thing, but a continual walk of brokenness over our sin and unbelief in who God says He is and trust in what He says He will do. True believers will have a holy hatred for sin and will grow in faith by trusting in Christ for their salvation evermore.

This brings me to ask a few questions:
1. How is your faith? Is it increasing or decreasing? Is it growing or dying? If it is decreasing, perhaps your faith is not in Christ or it has never been placed in Christ, but somewhere or in someone else.
2. Is your faith serving others? Do you see your faith as only self-serving?
3. Has the cause of Christ been halted in your own life, your family’s life, and the life of your church because of your lack of faith? Your faith is either helping or hindering the cause of Christ.
4. What do you believe God is doing in your life, your family’s life and the life at your church? Do you have any expectations that God is doing something wonderful in and through you to accomplish His ends by using you as a means? If not, your faith is either small or non-existent.

May the Lord increase His people’s faith as we echo the words of a father from Mark 9:24, “I believe; help my unbelief!"

Monday, August 15, 2016

"The Gospel and 167 Years of Grace"

“The Gospel and 167 Years”

 Matthew 16:18 “...I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” 

      The church of the Lord Jesus Christ is the apple of God’s eye. God’s love for His Bride is manifested in all believers, throughout all the ages, and from all nations. God’s love is expressed mainly through the local church, where the gospel of His Son, Jesus Christ, is proclaimed. The proclamation of the gospel and the saving of sinners is where God receives most glory. The church is an assembly of sinners redeemed by the blood of Jesus who strive to be as closely aligned to the Scriptures as possible—not perfectly—but striving toward that end. The church’s main responsibility is to proclaim the gospel of God’s glorious grace.

            There was a group of people who assembled on August 15, 1849 in Orlinda, Tennessee in order to establish a church. Orlinda is a small, rural tobacco-farming community located in northern Tennessee. These individuals assembled with the sole purpose of worshipping God through His Word, as well as continuing the practice of multiplying Baptist churches. The assembly started out humbly with only fifteen charter members. The property was donated in order to build a 30 x 40 ft. meeting house that featured 12 ft. ceilings and three doors. The building was to be used and benefit the community both as a schoolhouse and as a place of worship. The main purpose of establishing Pleasant Hill was for the people of God to be “salt and light” with the gospel in Orlinda and the surrounding communities.
Original minutes recorded at PHBC's first meeting

            Elders O.H. Morrow, B. Roberts, and W.I. Morton were the ones who helped constitute PHBC into a church. Elder Morrow served as the church’s first pastor, where he preached the Word of God when the church met for its monthly meetings. Elder Morrow paved the way for faithful gospel preaching throughout Pleasant Hill’s existence. Throughout the 167 years of PHBC’s existence, there have been 45 pastors who served the church. Although PHBC has never been large in number, there have always been people who were faithful to the Word of God and desired to see sinners saved through the preaching and teaching of God’s Word.
Elder O.H. Morrow

            Moreover, the church at PHBC has served as a location where the redeemed of the Lord could come, serve, and worship God, knowing that the Word of God would be proclaimed. We live in a time and day where the simplistic preaching of God’s Word doesn’t seem to be enough for families who are looking for a place to worship. However, this is not to be surprising, as Paul wrote Timothy and said, “For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but will having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions” (2 Tim.4:3). The focus of any local Bible-believing church should be the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. This must be the primary concern for the elders and the church, and that is what Pleasant Hill is striving for in 2016 and beyond.

            The Lord has graced PHBC by saving people and sending others to join an assembly who desires to be a part of a biblically healthy church. This appetite has been revealed by the people’s hunger for the gospel being preached, a passion for discipling the saints, and evangelizing to sinners with the gospel of Jesus Christ. After 167 years, there have been several valleys and mountain top experiences within the body of Christ; however, God’s grace is not only enough to convert sinners into saints, but God’s grace is enough to sustain the saints through any storm as long as the gospel is being preached. How do I know? God says, “My grace is sufficient for you” (2 Cor.12:9), but I also know this due to the fact that there has been a group of people called by God’s name who remained faithful to the same message and mission for 167 years.

            As I am approaching my seventh year serving the Lord’s church at Pleasant Hill, my love for the Lord and His people have increased immensely. We have seen both good times and valleys, but it is all part of the journey God has called us to in order to make us more like Jesus Christ (Rom.8:29). We have been blessed with the resources to start a media ministry. The Lord has opened doors to spread the gospel in our community, nation, and even around the world. The people who make up Pleasant Hill Baptist have been concerned about one thing and one thing only, and that is the preaching of the gospel, whereby we see God glorified in redeeming lost sinners to Himself for His glory! I am thankful to be a part of a church where the gospel of Jesus Christ is the power unto salvation for whoever believes. I can say, along with the Apostle Paul, “to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen.” (Eph.3:21).

            In conclusion, I want to thank all of those who have paved and are paving the way for PHBC to be where she is today. Thank you for your faithfulness. Thank you for your sacrifice. Thank you for your commitment. Thank you for loving the Bride of Christ. I am reminded that no matter how much I love the people who make up PHBC, God loves them more than I do. That gives me rest and assurance that no matter what, He will continue to build His church for His glory!